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We are a community inspired by love to add true value to your personal life experiences by thoughtfully creating beautiful and luxury events to inspire, elevate and promote self-care. Our events deliver a “Taking care of ME” Experience to the next level by integrating all the essential elements of SELF-CARE (Physical, mental and overall well-being) in an elegant, fun and enjoyable atmosphere to refresh the GREATEST VERSION OF YOU.

VYBE WITH YOU is the number 1 luxury lifestyle event and event platform in the world specifically created to allow YOU to care for your body, mind and soul. Our amazing and only the Greatest worldwide collaborators in the health, wealth, wellness, food, fashion, exotic automobiles and entertainment industry is glad to present YOU with events cater to YOU.

VYBE WITH YOU will feature luxury and sophisticated brands specially created to enhance the quality of life and promote the awareness of the importance of SELF-LOVE.

VYBE WITH YOU is the creation of a luxury lifestyle suited for only the GREATS. 

The VYBE WITH YOU event concept is like no other event in the world to elegantly integrate all the important elements of a great lifestyle  deserving for GREATNESS in one location for the simple intention of celebrating YOU. 

Você verá que todos os esportes e mercados são exibidos em um conveniente formato do site Casino que permite que você aposte em dispositivos móveis.

These amazing events will allow our collaborators to access a wide range of select and focused affluent attendees seeking to cater to their individual love for themselves more. This is the greatest opportunity to gain meaningful exposure. 

Our two (2) days of ultimate luxury self-celebration will create a platform to engage in unique relationship building with direct access to our highly respected network of amazing creators, industry greatest, elite influencers and tastemakers. 


Collaborating with the VYBE WITH YOU can provide many benefits, including branding rights, signage, ad placements, social networking, guest passes and unique custom-tailored opportunities.




College Essay Writing Help: Your Ultimate Guide

Facing the task of writing a college essay can be intimidating. This significant piece of the application process carries a lot of weight. The pressure to produce a distinctive and outstanding piece can make numerous students feel stressed. However, there’s no need to worry! This guide aims to offer a thorough understanding of how to write a college essay, simplifying the task and making it more manageable.

The Importance of College Essays

Before we delve into the tips and guidance, it’s crucial to comprehend the importance of writing a college essay. Your academic performance, test scores, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities provide an image of you as a student. Still, the college essay enables you to present yourself as a unique individual. It offers a glimpse into your personality, experiences, viewpoints, and potential contributions to the college community.

Step 1: Grasping the Prompt

The initial step in writing a college essay is to fully understand the prompt. Colleges often provide prompts or questions that they want the applicants to answer. It’s important to read these prompts thoroughly to grasp exactly what is being asked of you.

Step 2: Idea Generation and Topic Selection

After you have a good understanding of the prompt, the next stage is brainstorming. This stage allows you to develop various ideas, then choose the one that most effectively aligns with the prompt and highlights your personality or experiences. Remember, your essay does not necessarily need to center on a grand event or accomplishment. Quite often, the most memorable essays revolve around more personal, less monumental experiences.

Step 3: Building an Outline

Developing an outline is an essential part of essay writing. It helps you structure your thoughts, ensuring a clear and well-structured essay. Your essay should be divided into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph should focus on a single main idea or narrative, all of which should support your central argument or theme.

Step 4: Drafting and Refining

Begin writing your essay based on the outline. Your first draft doesn’t have to be flawless. The main objective at this stage is to get your thoughts and ideas on paper. After your first draft is complete, start revising and editing. This stage is where you refine your essay, correcting any grammatical errors and ensuring your narrative flows smoothly.

Step 5: Soliciting Feedback

Lastly, have someone else review your essay. This could be a mentor, a parent, or a peer. They can offer a fresh perspective and may catch any errors you might have overlooked.

Seeking Professional Assistance

If the process still seems overwhelming, don’t lose hope. You are not alone, and there are professional resources available to assist. You can reach out to the best college essay writing services to guide you through the process. These services can offer expert advice and assistance, easing some of the stress and pressure.

In summary, while writing a college essay can appear like an intimidating task, it does not have to be. With careful planning, patience, and persistence, you can craft an essay that authentically represents you and your journey. Remember, the essay is an opportunity to showcase your unique identity beyond academic achievements, so let your distinctive voice resonate.

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